Do you take my insurance?

We submit all insurance claims, but we are enrolled in numerous PPO plans.  Please contact our office at 708-349-4545 to find out if we participate in your plan.

Do you use “silver” or “white” fillings?

Although silver / amalgam fillings are safe to use, we use composite or white fillings.  They chemically bond to the tooth structure which helps strengthen fractured teeth.  They are also more aesthetic.


How often should I be seen for a cleaning?

You should have your teeth cleaned and examined twice a year.  At these appointments any necessary X-Rays are taken and your teeth are cleaned.

  • We review your medical history
  • Evaluate your X-Rays
  • Examine existing restorations
  • Check for decay
  • Evaluate your gums
  • Perform an oral cancer screening

Do I really need to floss if I brush twice a day?

Yes.  Flossing reaches areas of the teeth a brush can’t.  These are in between the teeth and below the gums.  Flossing will remove plaque from these areas that can eventually lead to decay or gum disease

Does it matter what toothbrush or toothpaste I use?

Yes.  The brand or style doesn’t matter, but it needs to be a soft brush.  Medium and hard brushes can damage tooth structure and cause gum recession.  Toothpaste needs to have fluoride, as this will help prevent decay.


We look forward to working with you to achieve your dental goals!